Welcome to "Potato Business & Export Training"
Professional Program

Learn from Experienced Potato Export Professional

It’s an online course, now you can Study from home/office & even you are traveling around the world.

The course fee is 75,000 PKR

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Course Structure

The programme was created by a leading professional.
EvolutionPk aims to educate people around the world about Export/Import: Global trade.
This course covers the essential skills required to effectively trade worldwide.


  1. What will I get from this course?

This course is designed in a way to make you independent trader in potato business. You won’t need any expert for procurement or its trade. Moreover, you may be adjusted in our group potato export in future.

  1. Is this course bookish or practical?

It is prepared after gaining practical experience. It is a practical course, easy to understand and don’t have any irrelevant bookish knowledge.

  1. How much investment do I need to start this business?

It merely depends upon the nature and size of this business. You may invest a very little amount as individual at start for your own practical experience. Or you may invest small amount in a group investment pool for international trade.

  1. Is this business risky?

There are risks involved in every part of our daily life and businesses. Risks are always minimized by learning, gathering information, knowledge and choosing the right teacher / mentor to learn practical knowledge.

  1. Local trade Vs. International trade?

Besides the risk, this business is highly profitable for local trade as well as international trade.

  1. What can I do for Pakistan from this business?

You can help Pakistani government, improving the current account by increasing their foreign reserves via increase in exports. Or you may do local business, earn profit, pay taxes and improve fiscal account of Pakistan.