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It’s an online classes now you can Study from home/office & even you are traveling around the world.

Sessions will be on Zoom with Shakir Ali Rajput

The course fee is 250,000 PKR

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Program structure

The programme was created by a leading global trade professional
Shakir Ali Rajput had the experience working with 17+ countries around the world,
Project Evolution aims to educate people around the world about Export/Import: Global trade.
This course covers the essential skills required to effectively trade worldwide and manage an international business, from negotiating contracts to resolving cross-border disputes.

  • Overview of Global Trade
  • Transactions and Contracts
  • Finance and Security
  • Logistics and Security
  • Global Trade Management
  • Tickets and Expiations Participations
  • Networking and its effect on business
  • Invitations from Suppliers and Their impacts on Business
  • 5 Ways’s to work without money
  • How to overcome fear and anxiety while doing global trade