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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t necessarily need any investment to enter this business. The very first step is to
understand and study the whole system i.e., International Trade. If you have found your
international buyer, you can act as Export Consultant to provide your services to any industry
and get your commission.
No matter how much investment do you have for this business, but if you don’t know about
International Trade you will not be able to even communicate with your buyer.

Besides complete Import/Export knowledge, you will get following benefits:-
(a) You will be added in our Whatsapp group, where you will be updated about new policies
and amendments in Import Export Control Act.
(b) You will be added in another Whatsapp group, where you will get information regarding
a specific business. Moreover, you will be able to find the genuine business partner for
(c) You will get lifetime access of master class every Friday evening with Import / Export Guru
Shakir Ali Rajput. Where your questions will be answered.
(d) Meetups with students in different cities of Pakistan.
(e) A chance to enter in Import/Export practical projects.
(f) 50 % discount on other services such as, company registration, tax consultancy for your
(g) 50 % discount on IT consultation from our sister companies

Being an exporter you can help the government to bring foreign reserves in Pakistan and
support Pakistan’s economy. Moreover, government of Pakistan gives incentives to the
Being an Importer, you can import the best quality products for your country and sell them

Yes there is also risk in every part of our life including businesses. But for those who have
complete knowledge about Import and Export, they can minimize their risk.

Selling goods in the export market is a fun which can increase your profits. Also you get the
opportunities to travel to the world and meet new people, understand the cultures and enjoy
the different foods, it can be very profitable and can reduce unit cost by increasing volumes.

Import and Export business is itself very interesting business. In this business, you can
participate in International exhibitions, expand your social circle, meet international business
men and women and learn new cultures.