Business Name Search

A Business Name is actually your business. Companies require a business name under which they can operate their business in order to earn profit. The business name is one of the most vital and valuable assets of a company. It is how you answer to the phone calls from your customers and clients. Your business name is how your customers and other individuals remember you and your products or services or your other business activities. Your business name is what people see in your marketing campaigns, advertising, business cards, pamphlets or sales promotional activities which you do for the growth of your business. Your business name allows your business to get suggested by others.

The business name you choose for your company can make or break your business. It is that important. Your business name represents you in everything you do. Business name search is one of the key decisions that you have to make. You must ensure that you are not copying an existing name and once you have it, you must register it and stop someone else cashing it. Use the business name search facility below and find a name that will work best for you.

Business Name Search Facility

Picking a business name is a significant step in the business formation process. Not only you should pick a name that echoes your brand identity, but you also need to make sure that it is properly registered and protected for the long term.

Evolution Business Consultants (pvt) Ltd offers a business name search facility that will allow you to select a name for your business under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. We will help you with finding a suitable name for business and actually applying for it with SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). We will make sure that the name chosen for the projected company is not inappropriate, ambiguous or intended to abuse or insult the sacred vulnerabilities of the societies, duplicate or closely similar to with the name of an existing firm.

Prohibitions for Business Name Search

  • Check for Trademarks: before you select a name for your business, make sure it doesn’t identical or violates an existing trademark.
  • Religious susceptibilities: while conducting the business name search, please keep in mind that it does not intended to harm people’s religious vulnerabilities.
  • Social or Moral Norms: the name you are going to pick for your company may not abuse or violate public’s social or moral norms. It must not be considered as a hate speech or an attack on a particular group in the society.
  • The name you pick for your company is must not a patronage of any past or present head of state of Pakistan or foreign:
  • While choosing the name you must consider that there should be no connection with the federal or provincial government or any of their department.
  • The name must not be having any connection with any corporation set up under federal or provincial law.
  • Website-Ready Name: In order to claim an internet address or URL, the business name you have selected for your business needs is must be unique and available. It should also be ironic in key words that imitate what your business does. To discover if your business name has been claimed online, do a simple web search to see if anyone is already using that name.
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